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Phil Durrant

Rob Flint (aka scopac)

is a visual artist who performs with musicians and sound artists. More information can be found at his website:

Leafcutter John

Ryoko Kuwajima

my label -
my website -

an artist in the field of audio / visual / writings. she has worked in live performance with electronics and Sitar, organization of events. Founder of Melange label, electronic / electro-acoustic music collective.

Joe Gilmore

Kaffe Matthews





Barcelona based visual agitator and cultural activist.
She has performed live in Sonar festival in Barcelona, Zagreb Biennale of Music, Cimatics-festival in Brussels, Museum of Contemporary Art in Helsinki, Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior boat and various other locations and events. Her experimental music videos have been widely exhibited in festivals around the world: xfest, impact, sonar... Her style ranges from minimal abstractions and strongly processed material to multilayered ambiental landscapes. She also organises events and workshops concentrating on audiovisual and hacker culture.


Experimented artist in the field of audiovisuals. Has worked in multimedia productions and organisation of events in Buenos Aires. Funding member of Sensoria, artistic-technological collective destind to create a matrix of artistic experiencies related to communication and bringing together artists from different circuits.


A formation entered in the musical work production, image and experimental sound,installations and in the design and manufacture of devices applied to the audio-visual art. This fusion reflects the sintesis of an alliance that from the childhood is fed by music, science and the art. members: Carlos M. Franco, Alejandro Posada Entrecanales





Milos Vojtechovsky

Lemuria TAZ (Milos Vojtechovsky, Jan Dufek, Ladin Zelezny, Jan Bartos),

Martin Janicek



Luka Princic (nova -at -

yves degoyan

Dunja Kukovec



aaron spectre (moonbunny / struktur / berlin )

aaron spectre makes digital sounds with a distorted soul, fragile melodies sprinkled with urban grit, grime layered over dense harmonies. grown in boston, hardened in the nyc pressure cooker, and engineered in berlin, aaron works in a number of different styles from ambient to glitchy melodic electronica to breakcore to ragga jungle. aaron's live sets reveal his hardcore + punk roots, in aesthetic if not in sound. refusing to sit motionless behind a laptop, he tweaks and re-works tracks on the fly with varoius midi controllers, hammered dulcimer, plus a bundle of energy and diy enthusiasm. aaron has played throughout europe and north america, with artists such as mixmaster morris, richard devine, dj vadim, hrvatski, /rupture, datach'i, soundmurderer, and kim cascone.

"Paisagens, Vozes" (Bryan Jurish & Hans-Martin GŠrtner)

boris hauf (berlin)



dieb13 (

stefan geissler - hohner

michaela schwentner "jade" (

klaus filip


[sic] []

[sic]: Sound artist and producer Jen Morris prefers avoiding the beaten tracks. She brings an earned legitimacy to her introspective compositions, which are constructed from fleeting sonic contrasts, dissonances, and impositions. Using sources as diverse as the Japanese koto and assorted field recordings, [sic] remains aloof and bemused. Deep in the analog cabin, she records and processes the sounds through a variety of ornery effects mechanisms. The final product provides a refreshingly soothing atmosphere in which one can either bathe, exercise, or make love. When [sic] hits the road, her eerie soundscapes are accompanied by equally arresting visuals, comprised of digital imprints from her sordid life. The [sic] roadshow has travelled extensively in Europe, from tiny Ilirska Bistrica to bustling Berlin, where she performed at the 2004 Transmediale.

Tomas Phillips []

Tomas Phillips has composed electronic and electro-acoustic music since his first solo contribution to the Shadow Tape compilation in 1994. He has since released limited edition CD-Rs under the names The Accidental Music, Sea Optic, Lisbon and Eto Ami (in collaboration with Jason King). In 2002, Eto Ami created the sound design for Steve PaxtonÕs Flat under the direction of Julee Snyder in Carborro N.C. 2003 saw the release of ThomasÕ On Dit on the prestigious German label Trente Oiseaux. Performances include the Feather Net gallery in Raleigh, N.C. (2002), the SociŽtŽ Des Arts Technologique in Montreal, Quebec (2003) and the Monument National in Montreal to accompany the 2003 production of Sarah KaneÕs Crave, directed by Kate Bligh. Tomas is currently in the process of completing his next composition.

tobias c. van Veen []

[tobias c. van Veen] is a sound & net-artist, techno.turntablist, theorist & writer. Hailing from Vancouver, BC, tobias catalysed the West Coast experimental techno scene as founder of the performance art Projekt & techno.caÕs Since 1993 he has curated over fifty independent conceptual and sound-art events. As a DJ tobias is known as a turntablist in the 3-deck experimental traditions, having spun with DJ Spooky, Kim Cascone, Sutekh, Algorithm, Mike Shannon, Tomas Jirku, Jetone, Kit Clayton, Ben Nevile, Safety Scissors, Mitchell Akiyama and the No Type label, as well as performing random chance scripts by Udo Kasemets. >>tobias holds editorial and columnist positions for several arts, music and politics publications including FUSE, e|i, Capital, and Discorder. He has written on music, technology and the political for The Wire and the Leonardo Music Journal and produced radio-art for the CBC and Austria Kunstradio. :: As a curator he has worked with The New Forms Festival, the Video-In, the Vancouver New Music Society, and The Society for Arts and Technology (SAT). As a conference organiser tobias has directed Refrains: Music Politics Aesthetics (UBC 2001) and Crossing Borders (UBC 2000). His tactical media, performance & have surfaced on,,,,,, at the Centre for Contemporary Culture in Barcelona, in Amsterdam, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver. :: A DJ set still resides on He is author of the 2003 Canadian Electronic Music Directory and is currently writing a book on the politics of sound, disappearance and microcultures. As of 2004, tobias is collaborating with MontrŽalÕs SAT as a Concept Engineer and spearheading the Sonic Scene wireless audio project. His current projects include surrealist online videogame performance, sonic psychogeography, breathwork audio, turntable beat symphonies, broadband realtime, and miniature digital video. Tobias holds an MA in Communications (McGill) and a BA in Honours English (UBC), and will be commencing a Ph.D in Fall 2004 in Philosophy & Communication. His blog resides at:

Sylvain AubŽ []

A discrete but long time scenester of the underground local scene, Le Monochrome's newest project is based on digital deconstruction. Inspired by creative artists as Stereolab, Kraftwerk & Mouse on Mars, the breed of electronic music he creates distinguish itself from the most typical forms of dancefloor-oriented techno. In a live setting, Le Monochrome uses his own found samples filtered through softwares such as MaxMSP and Plogue Bidule. His general aesthetics stands between raw experimentation and an hedonism often inspired by kitsch.

Physical Noise Theatre

Physical Noise Theatre is a MontrŽal based creation cell that intermingles digital and analogue sound, playing with textures and melodies, concepts and narrative texts. Their work is multi-faceted and is dedicated to multiple explorations within numerous genres. Each member has a different style and background, creating eclectic and rich performances. PNT consists of Marc Deserranno, Nicolas Marquis and the voices of Angela Di Lauro.



Ben Bogart (

Ben is an installation artist and programmer. He works in an open-source context and makes all the software he develops, that is of general use, available under the GPL. His installations create content live and on the fly in response to the work's sensed environment. These works may involve interaction from the audience as a part of the environment, or the work may simply respond to the context in which it exists. Ben is a structural thinker and imagines his work as the production of media architectures. Physical modelling, chaos, feedback systems and evolutionary algorithms have been used to inform and and engage in his creative process.

Ben has just completed the first development phase of the Open Territories project pixelTANGO. pixelTANGO is a pd/Gem powered live-visual tool to mix 3D graphics, video and network streams. Ben has been collaborating with the Open Territories team at the SAT for the past year in developing this project.

Jeremy Rotsztain (

Jeremy creates automated and interactive contexts for collaborative creative expression. His recent projects include experimental systems for semi-automated sound synthesis and a real-time painting simulator. Jeremy also developed the Bix Simulator application - a 3D simulation of the Bix Media Facade in Graz, Austria.

Michelle Teran


Los Osos, CA

Isabelle Jenniches

Dedicated to a nomadic existence, a connection to the internet is her single most important constant. Recent bases have included Amsterdam, New York and Los Osos, California. In her work, which often evolves out of close collaborations with others, she exploits the social and emotional impact of new forms of mediated communication in theatrical situations, using, for example, telepresent characters. In performances and photographic series that seek out the intersections between physical and virtual space, she often draws upon such "low tech" sources as the public or private webcam, and her ongoing compulsive collections of found footage from the Internet. Real-time collaborative creation plays an important role in connected performance events and she is a devoted if mostly remote participant at Share.



"Cell Interactive Ambient - (C.I.A.)"

(C.I.A.) - tuning in accross the worldwide cell/room activity. Creating simultaneous ambient feedback connections and exploring the audio/video/data interaction among the worldwide cells through live interactive processing of multi-layer feedback streams from multiple locations.

(Performing artists: Michal Marianek, Robert Morkovsky, Fiip Nerad, Vaclav Ondrousek, Dusan Urbanec)


New York City


Remember lying in your bed at night, in the middle of the summer? Windows wide open, listening to street noises and, if you were lucky, the rumble of an elevated train in the distance? Jodi Shapiro does. Armed with a laptop and her memories, Jodi performs music under the name burun (most of the time.) Often beatless but not rhythmless, undulating uneasily, a sort of "environmental memory music" that is strangely familiar but slightly out of context. Each performance is composed in real-time with sounds collected from near and far.

burun has made the circuit of NYC laptop-oriented events (UnityGain, Opiate, Undercity, F:T:H, Share), was a resident artist at all three HellLabs, participated in last year's PsyGeoConflux festival, and played a set of remixed videogame dialogue at the New York Video Festival's Game Engine night (at Lincoln Center - finally, a gig her parents could brag about!) More recently, she collaborated with Hong Kong video art collective Videotage for STAR CITY, where she provided audio accompaniment using only audio collected in Hong Kong's streets, markets, and transit systems. has more details about All Things Jodi, should you care to take a look.


I'm interested in developing cool systems for data exchange - to blur the lines between performance and everyday emotional expression - to help computers become creative tools instead of hurdles. a dry bio is at

Michael Liegl

Michael teaches gender-studies and ethnography at the sociology department of the University of Munich. For his Phd he is exploring the production of meaning, community and sociability within the collaborative practices of digital media artists. He explores the potentials of new media art by participating as a vj in various collaborative events.

Shelley Hirsch

Koosilja told me that Bryan Jurish + group were looking for someone in NYC who could improvise with text. .Here I am. You can also hear my multichannel sound piece in Charlie Morrows Sound Cube through 5/1 also at The Kitchen. For more about my work go to

o.blaat (for upcoming CD) and some press info at


koosil-ja composes electronic music for her dance and mixed media company koosil-ja/dance KUMIKOKIMOTO (, Woo.Co. Copenhagen, and The Wooster Group (To you the birdies!). Also she performs solo Laptop/ vocal set locally and internationally and her works are released on The Knitting Factory, theagriculture, and The Bully Record.

"Out of Phase-- Audio Nude Descending a Staircase #2" Aaron Spectre (Berlin) & Koosil-ja (NYC) The artists de-fabricate "time locked music" using the inherent delays involved with net-streaming.

Lu(x)z+seeMonkey (Amoeba) - Integrating and spatializing throughout the evening, the visual Amoebae mix, route and re-process incoming streams, sculpting light onto an inflatable sphere.


AMOEBA TECHNOLOGY - Performing live audiovisual osmosis and micro-tonal mash-ups - a transitional prelude to an open collaboration with Share regulars

ikulius --- For the past decade Ilan Katin (aka ikulius) has worked in a wide variety of disciplines including programming, graphic design, illustration, comics, animation and broadcast design. His animations been used on MTV, Nickelodeon, Bravo and VH1. He has been included in several books by the esteemed German design oriented publisher Die Gestalten Verlag. The first being Pictoplasma which focuses on character design from around the globe. Ilan began his involvement with share as a video performer; he has since expanded his role, providing graphics services and concept development. As a VJ ikulius has performed with Jools Palmer at Remote Lounge, Double headed VJ set with Chris Jordan at The Bunker in Sub-Tonic, DJ Small Change at Pianos and other places when a projector was at his disposal.