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anyware - share @ the kitchen

networked audio/visual collaborations

april 15th thursday
8-11 pm $15

worldwide online livecast 3-11 pm
The Kitchen 512 West 19th Street, NYC 212-255-5793 x11
artists from 14 cities create multiple webstreams in this synergistic public performance for more info go to or
Welcome to ‘anyware’ at ‘the Kitchen’
This is New York’s venue for public performance of the online ‘anyware’ event. It is just one portal into associated events going on in 14 cities around the world; available for viewing online starting at 3pm and ending 11pm; Tonights program at the Kitchen begins at 8pm (EST). Artists are collaborating from remote locations to generate an enveloping audio visual experience for your entertainment. Around the room are headphone stations with displays from which we invite you to take a look at different contributions streaming in from 3 continents. Over The Kitchen’s house PA and on multiple projection surfaces around the room, you may witness the collaborations from our perspective here as we tune in and create fresh media locally to stream back out into the ether.
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Special Thanks to:
Dennis Delzotto, Mike Berk, ej, Greg, KMLive, dj olive, openair,, Matt Pass, Joe Cool, Martin Chartrand, Christopher, Mcintyre of The Kitchen, John King, all The Kitchen people - Shaun/Sacha/Isabelle/Jonathan/Jorge, Chika, Ilan Katin, Kirk, gHiz, qpe, momz and all the sharez peeps anyware.