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NYC / 8:00 - 11:00 pm est
at the Kitchen,

in order of appearance

Bubblyfish --- in remote collaboration with xgz (in amsterdam or brussels) to participate in the project in Prague (see below), livecast only: 3-7 p.m. & re-broadcast later.

Burun --- in remote collaboration with Leafcutter John (in london) : 8 - 8:25 p.m. For those about to rock, we salute you.

o.blaat --- in remote collaboration (performing Klaus Filip’s ‘tripple duo’) with Klaus Filip (in Vienna) and with Boris Hauf (in Berlin): 8:25 - 8:50 p.m. Tripple Duo: by Klaus Filip, ~ 3places 3musicians 3duos 3streams ~ The custom Max Patch ‘Lloopp’ played by each of these performers enables them to control an additional computer located at the side of their respective duet partners (in another city). Thus (each with an additional computer by their sides) a circle of duets is formed, each participant playing with one but leading the next.

Koosil-ja --- in remote collaboration with Aaron Spectre (Moonbunny / Struktur, in Berlin): 9:15-9:40 p.m. “Out of Phase -- Audio Nude Descending a Staircase #2” The artists de-fabricate “time locked music” using the inherent delays involved with net-streaming.

North Guinea Hills + Sean Smith --- in remote collaboration with Ryoko Kuwajima (in london): 9:40-10:05 p.m. Performing a realization of Bernard Parmegiani’s “jeux de ange” (1964). Indeterminancies within structured contexts will be layered with realtime samples. sometimes pure stream of consciousness, other times strictly composed. Also to be played, north guinea hill’s duo for an exterior ediface of and apartment percussion and jet traffi c.

Eric Redlinger + Michael Liegl + Dan Vatsky --- in remote collaboration with arri + a.vacca + gene (in Amsterdam), Isabelle Jenniches (in Los Osos, CA) and with Michelle Teran (in Toronto): 10:05-10:30 p.m. On this translocal playground it’s live generated media only -minimal sounds and visuals made from scratch a celebration of friendships across continents.

Amoeba Technology (Lu(x)z + Seemonkey + Dok + MASA + Tomstir): 10:30-10:40 p.m.++ til the end Performing live audiovisual osmosis and micro-tonal mash-ups-a transitional prelude to an open collaboration with Share regulars

Video sculpture by Lu(x)z + seeMonkey (Amoeba)- throughout the night (on & off) Integrating and spatializing throughout the evening, the visual Amoebae mix, route and re-process incoming streams, sculpting light onto an inflatable sphere.

Chaos parade by among others:
Sean Smith
Amoeba Technology