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rehearsal 4/14
event 4/15

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Prague / 3:00 - 7:00 pm est
at Club Jeleni,

"Beyond the Dream Syndivate", Sineloko fl oating raft across Time - Space
For more information about this project please follow these links

Lemuria TAZ, + Jan Dufek, Ludek Svoboda, Martin Jan’ek, Ladislav ¨eleznyŤ, Jeffrey Marshall, Agnes Kutas, Sofi a Bustoff, Dougals Gordon, Hearn Gadbois, Daniel, Jan Bartos, Lloyd Dunn, John Heck.

Lemuria TAZ (Milos Vojtechovsky, Jan Dufek, Ladin Zelezny, Jan Bartos), with Martin Janicek --- in remote collaboration with (xgz in Amsterdam or Brussels), Akihiro Kubota (in Tokyo), and Bubblyfi sh (in NYC) in Society of Algoritm.

Tributed to Tony Conrad and pigeons.