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rehearsal 4/14
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Toronto / 8:00 - 11:00 pm est
at York Univ,

Ben Bogart + Jeremy Rotsztain

Visual: Threads is an exploration of text and space in a live context. Text will be generated from a number of scriptures and rendered as physical objects where each letter corresponds to a virtual mass and interacts with other letters through elastic connections. The texts are not quoted from the scriptures but extracted in a generative process mixing the metaphors and allusions within the scriptures.

Audio: Threads examines digital transformations of sounds (such as digitizing, encoding and encryption). The sound sources used are a garage sale of samplings from old & new media - digital synthesis techniques, analog instruments, television personalities and broadway recordings.

Michelle Teran --- in remote collaboration with Eric Redlinger + Michael Liegl + Dan Vatsky (at The Kitchen, NYC) and with Isabelle Jenniches (in Los Osos, CA) and with arri + a.vacca + gene (in Amsterdam), also in project by “Paisagens, Vozes” (Bryan Jurish & Hans-Martin Gärtner) (in Berlin)