Frequently Asked Questions

What is going on?

Share is an organization dedicated to supporting collaboration and knowledge exchange in new media communities. Local Share groups hold free, open jams and workshops in their communities. Participants bring their portable equipment, plug into our system, improvise on each others' signal and perform live audio and video. We furnish the amplification and projection. Share happens weekly to monthly in cities around the world.

How do I get there?

Currently, Share events take place in cities around the world -- you can find a Share event near you via the list on Check the individual city sites for the current location and directions.

How much does it cost?

Share is free to participants and observe.

What do I have to do to play?

Ask anyone: they'll direct you to one of the hosts or Share regulars who can get you plugged in. It helps to come early.

Does everyone play at once? Can I play by myself?

Share hosts encourage participants to define the structure of their jams and collaborations collectively. We try to accommodate everyone as time allows. Some people have finished songs, and prefer to play by themselves. Some people come ready to jam. We try to plug everyone in and let participants work it out among themselves. People take turns playing songs, or one person will play a melody to someone else's beats while a third drops vocal samples.

How long does each person play?

Depends how busy we are. Commonly people play 30-45 minutes. If people are jamming rather than playing solo, we can have more people playing at once. This means jammers tend to play longer than soloists. If you come early, you have a better chance to play longer. Check your Share's FAQ page for the actual number of audio and video inputs available.

Any tips or recommended etiquette for performing?

Any certain type of music or video?

No. There is a wide variety of music. While most of it can be classified as "electronic" in practice this includes noise experimental and ambient music, pop and dance songs, hip-hop beats and breaks, jungle drum-and-bass idm and breakcore and almost any other label you can think of.

Do I have to play?

No. Although Share is open for participation, it is also a place to hear good music, see good visuals, learn what tools and techniques people are using for live performance, meet nice people, and have a drink.

How long have you been doing this?

Share NYC started in the summer of 2001, Share Montreal in May, 2005, and Share Wiesbaden and San Diego in January, 2006. When will you start a Share? :)