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 Esther B
 Esther B

[share] Ryan Smith (music) + Dan Winckler (visuals)   ]
2005-03-13 21:00:00

The Lucky Cat, Williamsburg ||

Ryan Smith and Dan Winckler make their Share debut with hot, crackly organic music and visuals from the milky toychests of memory. Come taste the colors and develop your powers of synaesthesia with us.

Ryan Smith plays solo laptop/toy piano/piano/glockenspiel as a million billion, plays with Stars like Fleas, The Silent League, Mogami, Project Reactor, and Scatterbot. AMB's debut record today we love you is set for release in may 2005 by praemedia. Other work includes a remix for Public Enemy ("B-Side Wins Again", in collaboration with Scattershot), published by Koch Records. visit or for music samples and more.

What happens to a dream deferred when you press your fingers against your eyeballs? Memories and monsters sparkle and fade in the crashing surf. Dan Winckler is completely wet behind the ears, yet his visuals have drawn the praise of kings and queens from Sealand to Tierra del Fuego. See samples and edited works elsewhere.
posted by danwinckler