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2014-11-02 21:30:00

Mother Leaf

Join us for an experimental music jam + experimental video shoot as we share a few organic song ideas with the technologists and DJs at!

experiment experiment experiment!

The music group "Mother Leaf":

Guitar- Francesco Mosto
Bass- Laiyona Gazoox
Quena/Melodica- King Natural
Vox- Roo Zine

We were drawn together by a leaf that sprouts new growth with just air and water. We have a mutual interest in traveling around the world in search of natural beauty and organic structures which house imperfection within its patterns. A reminder to us all to unravel our DNA to connect the stars

Lukasz Antkiewicz

Creative Video Director:
Lucas Toledo

Facebook event post:

We invite any VJs/ visual artists to share images on the dope projector set up. We recommend that you wear solid black or white shirts, so we can project images on to people!

We would like to collaborate with creative DJs and producers who can bring technology, beats, and effects to give our live performances a cool organelectric feel.

You can download the Garageband beats we have been looping here.

The above featured set will be held at @D-101 at The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street, Ground Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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 Mother Leaf