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2014-12-14 21:30:00

Steven Dworkin, Cassandra Victoria Chopourian, Lauren Farber, Cupcake Gross, Gary Heidt and Kyungmi Lee

UNCARVED BLOCK is a improvising ensemble who ease the lines between theater, music and dance. The UB is a core project of the Van Reipen Collective and collectively starred in OBJECTS, an opera, at Theater for the New City in 2014.

UNCARVED BLOCK asks people at to respond (or simply think about) the following questionaire:

We, the Uncarved Block, are coming to SHARE on December 14th. We are looking forward to interacting with all of you! We have our own feelings about the following questions, but we would LOVE to find out what you think about any or all of them.

I will send this to a few random SHARE people but please feel free to send along to others.

1) What might you expect an improvising theater group to do at SHARE?

2) What are some ways you might enjoy exploring time with vocalists, actors and dancers?

3) What are some ways you might enjoy exploring space with vocalists, actors and dancers?

4) Name a food, a bird, a mammal, and/or a book.

The above featured set will be held at @D-101 at The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street, Ground Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11215
posted by blaa