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[share] AAV Audiovisual Performance VOL.1- “Hán Jià”   ]
2015-01-25 21:00:00

AAV Audiovisual Performance VOL.1- “Hán Jià”

Presented by

Miao Jing&Liu Chang
James Cao
Tracy Song

[Event Info]

is a series of audiovisual performance, which presented by associated artists alliance MediaComposition based in New York. The first event of AAV is named “Hán Jià” which will be held in the last day of “winter break”. “Hán Jià” will be presented at Share NYC by Artists: James Cao, Tracy Song and Hibanana Studio(Miao Jing&Liu Chang). They are New York-based visual artists and VJ, currently studying in NYU-ITP and SVA.

Winter Break is called “Hán Jià” in Chinese. While, majority of people who aren’t students doesn’t have “Hán Jià” any more. Based on the school context, “Hán Jià” is a good time to relax and celebrate the whole previous semester. In other side, during winter break, artists won’t stop getting inspiration and developing their ideas. In contrast, there is a complex in our mind that we wish “Hán Jià” would never end.

In “Hán Jià” audiovisual performance, artists will combine their developed projects with experiences and inspirations in break. Their performance is related to generative art, algorithm art, sound visualization, and immersive experience. In addition, this performance could be a metaphor of a conclusion for the last year and a new commencement for new year.

[Artist Desciptions]:

James Cao

James Cao is a visual artist and space designer based in NewYorkCity, and study in School of Visual Arts.
He graduated from the Department of Space design, China Central Academy of Fine Art in 2013. James loves to design/collaborate/consult on interesting projects across the spectrum of sound visualization, 3d modeling&computing, Interactive and space design and most especially where those areas meet. He has freelanced on numerous design projects including space design, new media art installation and public art.In 2013, he founded the AXIStudio which is a new media interdisciplinary design studio.

Performance Info:
James Cao will present his work MACROCOSM in AAV Performance on Jan. 25th. MACROCOSM is a self_generative sphere visual project that was immersed into a huge data context that related to social and natural resource.The whole piece will launch to public in the spring of 2015, but he will bring a new feature prelude show to audience at Share NYC Space. Welcome to check the video teaser from this link:

Tracy Song:

Yunling Song is an audiovisual artist whose work explores on the connection between the audio visualization. Her work spans installation,moving image and live performance.
Tracy’s work expressive agency of from with software, sound and light.Her performance involve the sound transform to the visualization.She is born in Shanghai. Currently, she is studying in School of Visual Arts in New York.

Performance Info:
STC001 is a work based on audio visualization. It is inspired by the movement of compasses . The graphic circle is come from the drawing by compasses .
Express the physical movement and natural dynamic of multilayered rhythms. It is still an on-going project.

Sound Produce: JCo Software Processing: Coge

Miao Jing&Liu Chang:

Liu Chang and Miao Jing will present their performance as a VJ group, and they invite their collaborator Gan Jian in Beijing to provide sound. Miao Jing is an oil painting artist and visual artist. Liu Chang is a visual artist who is studying in New York University in Interactive Telecommunication Program.
Their work have exhibited in many museums, galleries and academic environments, such as National Museum of China, Shanghai Power Station Museum of Contemporary Art, etc.
This time, Miao Jing and Liu Chang will present an audiovisual performance named “data: Manufactured Landscape” at Share NYC. Manufactured Landscape originally is an audiovisual installation which have exhibited in Digital Art Museum of China, Zai Gallery and Parsons Design School, NYU, etc. data: Manufactured Landscape discusses the endlessness of industrial production, passage of time, and the overwhelming trend of Big Data in contemporary society. The visual elements will be concentrated in 15-20 minutes performance and combine other related work content to create an immersive audiovisual experience.

Work-“data: Manufactured Landscape”:

The above featured set will be held at @C-101 at The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street, room C-101, Ground Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11215
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 James Cao - work 01
 Tracy Song - work 01
 Miao&Chang work 04
 Miao&Chang work 03
 Miao&Chang work 02
 Miao&Chang work 01