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2015-08-16 21:30:00

Cosmos Report (Koji Suzuki/Katsunori
Hiroi/Tatsuo Yanagihara)

(The below text was sent in by Cosmos Report (Suzuki/Hiroi/Yanagihara):

We sometimes go through a black hole by communication by the free improvisation like a Hayabusa(Japanese space probe) wandering in the space while becoming uncontrollable.

広島と長崎の原爆、東京大空襲により多くの民間人が犠牲になり日本は敗戦しました。日米の犠牲者に哀悼の意を捧げます。太平洋戦争終戦70周年に日本の戦後世代による新しい即興演奏をShare NYCで演奏します。私たちコスモスリポートは精一杯演奏します。多くの人に聴いいただければ嬉しいです。

Japan lost to the war at the cost of numerous civilians' lives after the atomic bombs hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the major air raid in Tokyo. It's the 70th anniversary after the Pacific War ended. We, of the generation born and raised in postwar Japan, will perform the "improv music in the new era" at Share.NYC. We "Cosmos Report" will put our 200% into the free improvised performance.
We are really looking forward to meeting with many of you in NYC!

Additional note from the band:
"ConTones" - The origin of the name of the band is Japanese KONTON(chaos) and English Tone. We are free improvisation (free jazz) band.


Koji Suzuki (saxophone): He is success in starting the pedal point of the 50th harmonic overtone in tenor sax for the first time in the world. The harmonic overtone line theory including the 50th harmonic overtone gives the shock of the pro and con to inside and outside the country saxophone player. The play that made full use of harmonic overtone how to play releases energy and creation, chaos of the metagalaxy. //鈴木公二 Koji Suzuki (saxophone):彼は世界で初めてテナーサックスで50次倍音の持続音を出すことに成功。50次倍音を含む倍音列理論は国内外サックスプレイヤーに賛否両論の衝撃を与える。倍音奏法を駆使したプレイはエネルギーと創造、全宇宙的カオスを放出している。

Hiroi Katsuno-Lee aka Katsunori Hiroi
drums and percussion player.
and he was first to play "TARAI" drum in japan.

Tatsuo Yanagihara
Bass player from Japan

The above featured set will be held
@The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street, Ground Flr
Brooklyn, NY 11215
posted by blaa


 Cosmos Report