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2016-12-11 21:30:00 @(OA) Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY ||

Wilson Shook & Beth Graczyk will perform a rare collaborative set at!


Seattle saxophonist Wilson Shook makes music like a moth fluttering at a street light.

Graceful, frantic, persistent and sometimes tragic, it is music absorbed of its own inscrutable purpose. It finds serenity in immediacy, escape in acts of radical presence. It is here, and then it is not.

Wilson performs frequently as a soloist; less frequently as a collaborator or interpreter of other fabulous artists in the worlds of Free Improv/Free Jazz/Noise/Other/etc. He also helps to organize Seattleā€™s Gallery 1412 collective.

Beth Graczyk is a choreographer, a performer and a scientist. For the past 15 years, Graczyk has performed throughout the United States and internationally in Japan, Ecuador, France and India. Concurrently, she has contributed to 9 science publications in the field of cancer research, including a first author paper in Analytical Biochemistry. Graczyk co-directed the Seattle-based company Salt Horse (2008-2016) with Corrie Befort and Angelina Baldoz, where they generated 4 evening-length works, 4 commissions and toured nationally through SCUBA. In 2016, Graczyk started a new performance company with Befort, and premiered a new work, Rose Blue, in fall 2016 at Triskelion Arts in New York. In addition, Graczyk collaborates as a choreographer with Danish director Torben Ulrich and with composer/palliative care doctor Hope Wechkin. Through her collaborative work she has received funding from Artist Trust, 4 Culture, Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, Washington State Arts Commission, and The National Endowment for the Arts. As a solo artist, Graczyk recently launched a project called Desire Motor, a series of 12 solos, of which her inaugural solo, Beast, was produced at Movement Research, CPR's Spring Movement Festival, Greenspace, and toured to the Harrisburg Dance Festival last June. Graczyk has performed is a company member of the feath3r theory in NYC and has recently danced for Sara Shelton Mann & K.J. Holmes.

The above featured set will be held
@(OA) Can Factory
232 3rd St, Ground Flr, Brooklyn, NY 11215
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