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2017-06-18 21:00:00 @(OA) Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY ||


Among the days, MICROSCOPIC JOURNEY has reached here. MICROSCOPIC JOURNEY is the most microscopic “world journey."

MICROSCOPIC JOURNEY is the rare & supreme trio of Michiru INOUE + Tamio SHIRAISHI + KenYa KAWAGUCHI!!!

Michiru INOUE,
from Japan, is a Butoh dancer who has been performing Butoh since 1999. With no teacher and no pattern in her performances, she creates her own unique style instead. In 2001, Michiru won the New Artist Award of the Japan Dance Critics Association. She participated in Dance Hakushu Festival (Hokuto city), Tatara Matsuri (Terpsichore), and many other projects.Currently she has been improvising experimental sessions.

is an alto saxophone player.
late 1970's : start performing in public.
collaborate with various musicians (including Keiji Haino) at the club "minor" in Kichijoji, Tokyo.
in 1980's : participate performances of "Homo-Fictus" (dramatic company), sometimes perform with butoh dancers,,,,
1990 : move to USA. perform with various musicians at various place like "abc no rio".
1992 : move to Tokyo. often perform at Shinjuku-Nishigichi station square (on the street).
1994 : move to NY. perform with various musicians including "CrashWorship" and many more.
2008 : start performing at subway stations in NY. (still continuing)
now perform with various artists(mostly musicians but also performance artists) in NY..

is a Jinashi-Shakuhachi and Hotchiku player who is living both New York City and Hiroshima City.
He has studied Hotchiku in a circle of the Watazumi-do in Tokyo, and has studied improvised music in the Creative Music Studio in New York.
He has been collaborating with many musicians and dancers with his anarchic vision.
His latest solo album ' URO' is available at ChapChap Records.
-Photography credit by Eriko KOMI

All three are beyond any style of tradition.

The above featured set will be held
@(OA) Can Factory
232 3rd St, Ground Flr, Brooklyn, NY 11215
posted by blaa