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[share] 2017: Fri 30 Jun - Mon 3 July 2017!!!   ]
2017-06-30 12:00:00

Rosekill near Rosendale, Upstate NY

As always, 4th of July weekend is Share Camp!

At beautiful Rosekill camp near Rosendale updstate, easily reachable by bus from NYC (or by carpool with fellow campers). Grace Space artists will be around and performing, evenings are open for jamming, lazy days for swimming, eating, and perhaps working on the camp. Camp facilities have grown year after year, with wifi and an outdoor shower available, as well as a host of buildings and campers were you can lay out your sleeping bag.

Food and drink is a mix of BYO and group meals (you will be asked to pitch in for grocery/beer runs). It is best to show up with a tent and everything you would need to survive on your own, but as long as you have some warm clothes for the cool evenings we can work something out... so if in doubt, show up!

To help us plan, please fill out the form below

The exact locations & details are informed later only to those who filled out the form!

Hoping that you'll make it!
posted by blaa