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2017-11-26 21:30:00 @(OA) Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY ||


diNMachine is composer Michael J. Schumacher's (mostly) instrumental pop music project, through which he explores his interest in a variety of beat-driven genres in styles ranging from rock to funk to electronic, in the process turning them into something quite eclectic and esoteric. The music is complex, and contrapuntal, structurally unpredictable, drawing from Schumacher's experience as composer, improvisor and sound installation artist. Undergirding the melodic mélange are propulsive beats and often hyperactive bass lines, and a healthy doses of noise, field recordings and found sounds complete the mix.

Started in 2012, diNMachine has released two records, on Yocto Yotta (its own label) and Greedy Dilettante. The band's third record is due out this Fall on Yocto Yotta and represents a stripped down approach focussed on drums and analog synthesizers.
The current lineup, reflecting the minimalism of the record, is Alex Goldberg on drums and electronic percussion, Ashur Rayis (sampler/guitars) and Michael Schumacher on synths.
The band has included musicians Michael Evans, Alejandro Flores, Hari Ganglberger, Nisi Jacobs and Brian Lawlor.

The above featured set will be held
@(OA) Can Factory
232 3rd St, Ground Flr, Brooklyn, NY 11215
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