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[share] Sun Nov 26th: w/ diNMachine + openjam!   ]
2017-11-26 20:00:00 @(OA) Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY ||

Our "4nd Sunday edition" hits on this Sun Nov 26th!!!!

We'll have a featured guest set by
diNMachine (Alex Goldberg / Ashur Rayis / Michael Schumacher)!

Of course, there will be the openjam before/after the set!
Hop in the jam &/or simply hang out.
It'll be your best post-Thanksgiving resolution for sure!!

FREE admission as always!

We currently operate with the twice a month mode (2nd & 4th Sundays), however, there will be some changes in December. Please keep yourself updated for the possible winter hibernation time too.

Check our upcoming schedule (subject to change) that is included below (scroll down.)

Sun, November 26th, 2017 @(OA) Can Factory
232 3rd St. (at the corner of 3rd Ave), Ground Flr (D-101)
Brooklyn, NY 11211

with a featured set by:


diNMachine is composer Michael J. Schumacher's (mostly) instrumental pop music project, through which he explores his interest in a variety of beat-driven genres in styles ranging from rock to funk to electronic, in the process turning them into something quite eclectic and esoteric. The music is complex, and contrapuntal, structurally unpredictable, drawing from Schumacher's experience as composer, improvisor and sound installation artist. Undergirding the melodic mélange are propulsive beats and often hyperactive bass lines, and a healthy doses of noise, field recordings and found sounds complete the mix.

Started in 2012, diNMachine has released two records, on Yocto Yotta (its own label) and Greedy Dilettante. The band's third record is due out this Fall on Yocto Yotta and represents a stripped down approach focussed on drums and analog synthesizers.
The current lineup, reflecting the minimalism of the record, is Alex Goldberg on drums and electronic percussion, Ashur Rayis (sampler/guitars) and Michael Schumacher on synths.
The band has included musicians Michael Evans, Alejandro Flores, Hari Ganglberger, Nisi Jacobs and Brian Lawlor.


Of course, there will be the openjam before/after the set!

Bring all of your aural/visual noise-making toys for the festive night to hop into the jam, &/or simply bring yourself to hang out, chat, exchange ideas/headaches/inspirations over drinks in a comfy atmosphere!! Show up early!! Stay late!!! is a multimedia jam session and forum for people interested in art and performance of any type. Participants are encouraged to show and exchange ideas freely by giving each other feedback, catalyzing and developing techniques and philosophies in collaborative performance, all in a non-judgmental environment. Share does not curate or impose an aesthetic. Mistakes and experiments are welcome!

We generally receive audio &/or visual participants - not necessarily digital. Laptops, analog &/or acoustic instruments (analog synths, acoustic string/horn/percussion/etc instruments), homemade gadgets, film/slides (if you'll bring a necessary projector), etc. are happily accommodated! Share loves all kinds of experiments with things including (but not limited to) various sensors, collaborative programming, soldering on-site (if you'll bring soldering equipment), making low-key toy instruments (circuit bent or not), contact microphones, live projections/reflection/refraction, etc!

Share takes place on Sundays!! (But double-check for the occasional change of plans)
Swing by anytime between 20:00-midnight.
FREE admission as always!!


Audio: our own PA system!
Share has its very own sound system, which offers more power and better range (bass!) than the system we've been borrowing for the last few years. Come by and check it out!

Video projectors: digital dual-HD projection system
Two 1080p projectors on a TripleHead2Go video splitter give you a 3840x1080 canvas wrapping around two sides of the beautiful white-walled room C101. Most modern laptops with mini-DVI output can plug straight into the dual-HD setup, or bring adapters and go VGA or HDMI directly to a single projector.


In general, the closest transit stops to (OA) Can Factory are:
Subway F or G Line to CARROLL ST stop
- Walk East down Third St over Gowanus Canal to Third Av

Subway R Line to UNION ST stop
- Walk South on Fourth Av. then West on Third St to Third Av
Bus B37 or B71 to THIRD AVE-THIRD ST (Westbound) or THIRD AVE-UNION ST (Eastbound)
- From Union St, walk South on Third Ave to Third St

In any case, please always check for subway service changes, just in case:

Use MTA's Tripplanner online site. It reflects all the service changes on subways & busses and suggests you the best routes

Upcoming featured guest sets & confirmed monthly dates at (so far...):

Sun. Dec 10th: 2nd Sunday edition

We'll probably go into the winter holidays for December... but _not_ without a holiday party! Date TBA.
All dates are subject to change. So, keep yourself updated at our website &/or Facebook group wall!)

Additional dates + special events may be posted as they're confirmed!

Note: If we have no guests. We'll simply open all hours for all walk-in Share'rs! Come & hop in!!!

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