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2004-10-03 20:00:00

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Aerostatic Music (Michele Darling & Terry Golob)

Compose microbeats, macrobeats, atmospheres and ambience, then sonically violate them using hardware, software and an array of sensors. The results are polarized between sexy/foreplay music and surreal imagery, ie. asymetrical insects flying in and amongst transgenic flowers in an artificial garden. It's all weird but one word sums it all up... Hydroponics.

David Last & Steve Nalepa

NALEPA - Electronic musician, multimedia event producer, art book publisher, paranormal news researcher and mad scientist collector, NALEPA wears many hats, but his first love is music. Armed with his analog synths, Ableton Live and Reason, NALEPA crafts songs by fusing together deep dub bass, glitchy breaks, bioacoustic atmospheres and beautiful Rhodes melodies. He has worked with Bill Laswell, Pharoah Sanders, George Clinton and Lili Haydn to name a few. With his partners, he runs a biweekly multimedia lounge in Los Angeles called Synapse, which features live electronic music acts from around the globe and realtime visuals by pioneers in the field.

David Last
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