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[share] share.floating @neuhaus(ofouch)-week 3! in dumbo, brooklyn   ]
2005-04-24 18:30:00

share @neuhaus(ofouch), dumbo, brooklyn || &

-greetings from SHARE,
come to hang with good friends!
come to jam!
come to have a drink (this time, cheap drinks offered on site!)
come to chill!
come to see/hear....

Three (3) weeks of April starting at Sunday, April 10th (+ 17th + 24th!!), we'll be hosted by ever-generous & supportive 'unitygain' fame, David Linton!!
He's offering us his studio-loft, conveniently located in D.U.M.B.O., Brooklyn!!

Sundays, April 10th, 17th, and 24th
starting approx. around 6:30 p.m. 'til around a bit after midnight(ish??)

68 jay st dumbo bkln
room 317 (elevator or stairs to the 3rd floor)
718 935 1631

(in case you'd have a trouble to access to the door downstairs, keep this number handy!!)

F train to york st - walk down the hill 2 blocks toward the river-
big building on the left just past corner of front st)

yahoo map here

Please refer other entries for updated featured guest(s) for this night, April 24th.

Of course, there will be multimedia openjam, before/between/after the featured set(s)!! Please bring your own gears/instrument/equipment to join in visual &/or audio jam!!

And, as always, Share is 100% Free to get in!!
posted by blaa


 bunch of great people! 4
 bunch of great people! 3
 bunch of great people! 2
 bunch of great people!
 bunch of great people 10
 bunch of great people 9
 bunch of great people 8
 bunch of great people 7
 bunch of great people 6
 bunch of great people 5
 bunch of great people 4
 bunch of great people 3
 bunch of great people 2
 bunch of great people

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S****t (sorry!!) I had so many cool photos and so, couldn't name each one of them.

The very beautiful hats were made by ''Jasmin Zorlu' (who was in red dress & hat, performed nice hiphop mc'ing at the end of the night! )
Another pretty lady in Jasmin's hat (ivory tulle one & sunflower thing) is our 'stephanie palmer'! She's a super amazing 'Mlle from strasbourg'!
The gentleman rolling his tabacco is Mr. David Linton, our host at neuhaus(ofouch)!
Yet another pretty lady talking with the tall gentleman (Amoeba's Tom Stir!), is our dearest & inevitable 'Elsa Vieira'!
The very cool tall fellow from Bronx, (as if saying 'Yo!') is Erik;)
The girl who's working with vocal manipulation with Dr. Sample is 'Nathalie'.
The guy who's showing his Lisa patches is Ivo from The Netherlands.
The Japanese gentleman showing his co-invented prototype of new instrument 'Tenoribun' from Yamaha, is Yu Nishibori, and the next photo is him & Sawako with Elektroplankton(?!) on Nintendo DS.
The cute couple having fun with 'Tenoribun' are Natasha & Michael from Munich.
Lastly, the Japanese visual artist with dark shades who's shown really cool stuff during his stay in nyc, is Satoshi (on left), with Adam Kendall (on right).
posted by blaa

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Keiko! Thanks for posting all of these pictures. Really awesome. I need to show up more often so I can eventually be in one or two!!

Well done!
posted by vade