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2004-10-17 17:00:00

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"chucK" workshop & performance by Phil Davidson & Ge Wang

On-the-fly programming (or live coding) is a style of programming in which the programmer | performer | composer augments and modifies the program while it is running, without stopping or restarting, in order to assert expressive, programmable control at runtime. Because of the fundamental powers of programming languages, the technical and aesthetic aspects of on-the-fly programming are worth exploring. This is part of our ongoing investigation into using code as an interactive and expressive musical instrument.

Our recipe for disaster employs the new ChucK synthesis language which supports real-time, sample-synchronous, concurrent audio synthesis programming, and a highly "on-the-fly" style of writing code. ChucK aims to augment (and clarify) the audio programming & composition process by properly separating the audio synthesis chain (data) from program control flow (timing).

The workshop will be a hands-on, ears-on tutorial of the key features of ChucK. These include (=>) the ChucK operator, sample-synchronous timing control, and the easy-as-dirt (but very powerful) ChucK concurrent programming model. Participants will quickly learn to write precise, powerful real-time synthesis programs using ChucK.

Also, as part of the workshop, we will show how to use all of these features to program ChucK on-the-fly - for interactive composition,and for performance.

As an essential part of the workshop/performance, our screens will be available for the audience to see/follow/deride. Ride along as we crash and burn!


ChucK Audio Programming Language (free available):

On-the-fly Programming Home Page:

Princeton Sound Lab: (check out live coding manifesto there):
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 during 'chucK' workshop
 chuck workshop picts
 chuck workshop picts
 chuck workshop picts