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[share] dj sniff (takuro mizuta lippit)   ]
2005-07-31 21:30:00

Share @Mundial, East Village, NYC || &

dj sniff (takuro mizuta lippit) is a DJ and turntable musician who believes that artists who create their own tools produce unique work that is distinctively different from those using pre-existing products.
His activities span multiple disciplines and meld artistic genres thanks to his dual American and Japanese heritage. While studying art history and philosophy in Tokyo, he formed a production collective called smash TV productions which organized critically acclaimed genre-mixing events such as anti-Gravity and bistro-Smash!. He is currently based in NYC where he received a Master's degree from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU. His current focus is on developing hardware/software tools for turntable performances and composing music. He has performed and shown his work in the US, Japan,
Canada, Russia, Romania, Austria, Italy, and Holland. He will be pursuing a research position at STEIM in the Netherlands from the fall of 2005.

More info available at:
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 dj sniff 2
 dj sniff

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it's moved to The Front Room!!
Link for info >> is here
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lo-res version here:
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