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[share] Edirol CG-8 demo and hands on!   ]
2005-08-07 07:00:00

physical [NY/NY] || virtual [url]

Holly Daggers and Eric Dunlap from Forward Motion Theater are testing out
the Edirol CG-8 and bringing it to SHARE to help spread the awareness of new
tools for media manipulations. FMT is the producer of the EyeWash series of
live-mix video events. This series follows FMT's mission to promote,
produce, and publish work that incorporates the combination of movement and
technology. EyeWash events are once a month, free, and serve as a meeting
place for the visual community to connect, exchange ideas, and present work.
For more information log on to
posted by senterio


 Edirol CG-8 demo by Eric & Holly
 Edirol CG-8 demo by Eric & Holly
 Edirol demo night at mundial
 Hands on