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 Yannick Franck
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2004-07-18 17:00:00

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As a cooperation of Kera Nagel (Axiomatic Integration) and Andr? Aspelmeier (Gradient Communication) Incite/ is an investigation in repetitive patterns and minimalist-beats. While performing they commonly create rhythms and sounds in abstract arrangements, which oscillate from fragmented grooves to experimental soundscapes.

Axiomatic Integration:

Axiomatic Integration merges seemingly contradictory musical elements based on a multitude of sound-sources; melodic parts evolve out of noisy elements, grainy sounds are combined with clear ones, calm intros step up to aggressive sequences.

Grad Communication:

The music of Gradient Communication resembles an acoustic microscope: fragments are stretched and distorted, low frequency drones raise up to a physically menacing substance. Fragile sounds, distorted pads and subtile lo-fi loops combine almost organically to a repetitive structure. A carefully constructed flow of manipulated sounds, varying between granular and electric, appears as a structure of digitally transformed elements. Including kinetic visuals in live performances, Gradient Communication enhances the intensive atmosphere, that can end up either rougher or smoother than on the recordings.
posted by vade