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2004-10-31 20:00:00

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Akida & JoLynn

Akida & JoLynn have both been away from New York for quite some time on separate paths. While Akida was in Florida, he was spending all of his free time exercising, clearing his mind, and writing beats for the next LP for Akida & JoLynn, entitled "Afr/uit/ure".

Unemployment allowed Akida time to sit and actually listen to what he was creating, in a relaxed enviroment (the house he grew up in). Living in New York only allowed him to produce music mostly on the weekends in a rushed enviroment, which is why he feels "Afr/uit/ure" features the best work Akida & JoLynn has completed thus far.

Femme fatal lyricist, JoLynn, was on a different life journey. Touring the world for the past 6 months with her lover, JoLynn has travelled to Tokyo, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany, Morocco, Spain, & France. Taking in a plethora of different world cultures, JoLynn has a renewed perspective on life & society, which she will share with you in rhythmic format.

With a legacy of electrifying shows, cutting edge tunes [mixing of futuristic hip hop & electronic music], there's no reason you shouldn't come out to experience SHARE's longtime favorites, Akida & JoLynn, playing a sneak preview of "Afr/uit/ure" [LP] in an intimate setting. An early evening show [Halloween Night] to lift your spirits before you howl at the moon!!!!!
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