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 Yannick Franck
 Esther B
 Esther B

[share] Share @Mundial, E. Village, NYC (starting at 6 p.m.!!)   ]
2005-08-14 18:00:00

Share @Mundial, NYC || &

Share continues to enjoy this wonderful East Village bar, Mundial, a minimal, high-tech lounge just 4 blocks from our old home at OpenAir.

Please bring your own gears/instrument/equipment to join in the visual &/or audio jam before/between/after the featured sets!!
also.. bring yr sweetheart, bring yr sweet'n'cozy vibe, bring yr...self!

Mundial is conveniently located in the heart of the East Village on E 12th St between Ave A & B (map and directions).

Share @ Mundial
505 E 12th St
East Village, NYC

starting at 6 pm and going until around 12:30 a.m.
so please come EARLY!!!

no cover and tasty beverages

Featured guests this week (_not_in order of appearance):
Audio Guest >> air inspector(Aaron Spectre)
& also...
Visual Guest >> Lu(x)z

Guests' sets will start approx. around 9 p.m.
posted by blaa


 share crowd in mundial's lounge
 welcome back! stephanie!!
 visuals by amy n.'s friend
 christian pops in say 'yo!'
 geoff packing up at the end of n
 outside view of share @mundial
 visuals by dan w w/keyworx
 bubbly fish & florent ghys jammi
 bubbly fish & florent ghys jammi
 sleepin beauties!
 share crowd in mundial's bar roo
 share crowd in mundial's bar roo
 happy faces at share
 amy norwich & florent ghys 2
 amy norwich & florent ghys
 visual sample from sima's live
 sweeties (aaron & maylee)
 anton & greg
 anton's jitter patch of the day
 dan (the english guitar guy) roc
 dan (the english guitar guy) roc
 share people at mundial's bar-ro
 sima workin' 2
 sima workin'
 amy norwich
 people at share in early hours
 haeyoung 'ooh-la-la!'