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[share] Lu(x)z (Luciana Sanz) - moved from last wk   ]
2005-08-21 21:00:00

share @Mundial, E. Village, NYC || &

Lu(x)z will present fresh-out-of-the-oven works created at the Experimental Television Center using an array of analogue video systems (synthesizers, colorizers, wobulators,) in integration with digital synthesis experiments composed on Jitter.

Videoworks by Lu(x)z is an array of visual projects by Luciana Sanz. Born in Argentina and currently based in New York City. Her projects range from multimedia installations, short experimental videoworks and live video performances.
Collaborative projects include immersive audiovisual environments and live performances with Amoeba Technology, Foetus and Psychic TV as well as ongoing optics research at the Experimental Television Center and the Hayden Planetarium.
Videoworks by Lu(x)z have been presented worldwide in exhibition spaces and venues such as The Kitchen (NYC), Symphony Space (NYC), Basel Art Fair (Basel, Switzerland), Spannwerk (Berlin, Germany), Forum des Images (Paris, France), Center for Modern Art PRIBOY (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Please visit
for more information and documentation of projects.

Videoworks by Lu(x)z : Towards the Infinite Light
Transmitting the ever-changing transmutations of light through electronic processing.

Infinite Light is a state of consciousness reached through acute observation of the visual patterns of our surroundings. My video camera is the lens through which I interact with the world. It is with this tool that I capture extractions of physical reality, which undergo a re-assemblage through a personal re-visited exploration. The Universe, in its vastness, gives forth patterns and visual structures that are invisible to our senses without the exercise of contemplation. The imaginary is composed in our consciousness by distorting reality, by painting pictures of the unreal.
These are my visual fantasies. Infinite Light is the state of constant irradiation of the powerful energy created amongst people when connected through abstract interpretations of reality; the energy created when connecting with the creative consciousness of other human minds.

“Titillating ever iridescence that the eye beholds. And when the eye closes the retinal formations dance alone assimilated into the permanent weavings of our inner mind.” - Excerpt from Blind Seeing
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 lu(x)z, kirk, & dok are hangin
 lu(x)z + sima
 natasha + micha in front of Lu(x
 micha + dan v. in front of Lu(x)
 lu(x)z's dbl visual projections
 lu(x)z's dbl visual projections
 lu(x)z's dbl visual projections
 lu(x)z's dbl visual projections
 Matt and Kirk

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Lu(x)z is trying to set up an outdoor installation in the back patio! (that's partly why it was postponed last week.)
hopefully it won't rain!!!
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