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2005-08-28 18:00:00

Share @Mundial, E. Village, NYC || &

Share continues to enjoy this wonderful East Village bar, Mundial, a minimal, high-tech lounge just 4 blocks from our old home at OpenAir.

Please bring your own gears/instrument/equipment to join in the visual &/or audio jam before/between/after the featured sets!!
also.. bring yr sweetheart, bring yr sweet'n'cozy vibe, bring yr...self!

Mundial is conveniently located in the heart of the East Village on E 12th St between Ave A & B (map and directions).

Share @ Mundial
505 E 12th St
East Village, NYC

starting at 6 pm and going until around 12:30 a.m.
so please come EARLY!!!

no cover and tasty beverages

No featured guests are yet to be booked for this sunday.
However, it means...

yeah! so... as always, and more than ever, bring all your sweet instruments, gears, materials, experimentation, scratch-plans, craps, toys, and make as much 'mistakes' (which i bet someone else would LOVE!;) as possible!
posted by blaa


 nice monitor table at Mundial!
 matt showing off his new circuit
 matt pass-setup 8.28.05
 bora singin + ilan & friend hang
 honeychild w/her gears
 bill w/ dbl laptops