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[share] Ruth Perez-Chaves' Post-B.Day (+ Ilan's PBD too)!   ]
2005-09-04 20:00:00

Share @Mundial, E. Village || &

Our dear friend, Ruth Perez-Chaves will stretch her b-day celebration so she can have grand fun at her beloved Share!!! (Yeah! and we'll have fun! of course:) + our hardworking man, Ilan's stretched b-day too!

To celebrate the double-post-b-day:

Shall we all sing silly songs?!?

Shall we all get them & ourselves drunk????

and obviously... needs lots of (&/or super huge?) cakes!!??

Happy Birthday to super amazing dears!
(ah.. we'd crack pinatas & jokes!)

oh.. and we'd need someone to let ruth dance, dance, dance later in the night!!!
(share dancey-beat regular jammers, ready?!?)

and as you see, we have another good friend coming back & doing a feat. set this night: it's Alo!
so, you really should prepare to stay late! yeah??
posted by blaa


 Ruth breaks.
 Ruth and Ilan in a rare photo op