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[share] Share @Mundial - 9/11 SIMPLY HUGE OPENJAM!   ]
2005-09-11 18:00:00

Share @Mundial, E. Village, NYC || &

Thanxx to many, many, many people who has been giving us great support in many ways!
Share is now 'officially' calling this wonderful East Village bar, Mundial (soccer bar in the daytime, with coolest outfit!), a minimal, high-tech lounge just 4 blocks from our old home at OpenAir.

Featured Event for 9/11:
We'll have a 'SIMPLY HUGE OPENJAM' throughout this night - Sunday, 9/11/05.
(your political, &/or in-general thoughts/materials/reflections/insights are more than welcome to be brought in this special jam for this night. Please come & join & exchange your expression to make the night memorable!!)

Bring your own gears/instrument/equipment to join in the visual &/or audio jam!!
also.. bring yr sweetheart, bring yr siblings & buddies, and yr...self!

Mundial is conveniently located in the heart of the East Village on E 12th St between Ave A & B (map and directions).

Share @ Mundial
505 E 12th St
East Village, NYC

starting at 6 pm and going until around 12:30 a.m.
so please come EARLY!!!

no cover and tasty beverages
posted by blaa


 rhiannon the cellist
 gud'n'old friend john king joine
 lary + larry in front of vlad's
 people hangin at share
 monica on left, dan on far cente
 vlad does visuals on 9.11.05
 United We Flan