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2005-10-30 23:00:00

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STEREOTYP (G-Stone, Austria)
AL-HACA (Klein Records, Different Drummer, Germany)

if you re a fan of hybrid post hip hop experiments like the anti pop (god bless their remains) or the tear up your frame type future dancehall projects like the bug (rephlex, klein records) - al haca is a project you might want to check for. coming out of germany, already two albums deep (the new lp: stereotyp meets al haca 'phase 3' now out on klein records), and getting nothing short of butter reviews from the international music press (check excerpts in attachment) is taking the bass heavy and broken the 'uck up beats to dancefloors worldwide. the concept is simple: a laptop, an arsenal of fx, not unlike the dub master mad professor, and a mic. the emcee for this project is rqm, a new york export to berlin raised on leftfield sounds and electronic glitch experiments, flexing a liquid style somewhere between def jux type hip hop and straight third optic spoken word of a saul williams (the closes approximation i can make, but sun got his own world). the sequencing dub technologist powering the whole mutherfucker is mcc, the producer mastermind of the al haca sound. the show is about an hour long, deep, dubby and flows like a storytelling mixtape (check 3 hours Al-Haca Set
<> ). al haca live is more like an experience than a straight ahead show.
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