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 Yannick Franck
 Esther B
 Esther B

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I make puppet shows and I?m working on a long piece that I?ve been developing for 1 year and a half.
I have definitely decided the sound should be electronic noise, but it needs to be performed live and rehearsed with the puppets so it can be interactive. I?ve never been able to find someone who wants to really take over that role. And as such I?ve worked on the sound a lot myself already. I like the sounds generally, but they?re not quite there yet and are not working interactively.

Some recordings of live shows are here:
(please excuse, the sound is just from a video camera mic)

I?m working on Part 3 now. I want someone to do design work (probably starting from the sounds that have already been used in the show) and come to rehearsals and perform the show.
rehearsals: NOV 12,13 tech: 14 show: 14, 15

And sadly it?s all for the love of it too. No funds. BUT if you have ANY interest or know someone who you think would have interest. PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY

THEse are pictures of the show: <>

Contact me at
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