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2006-04-09 22:30:00

The Project was founded by Martin Philadelphy in Autumn 2000 after first Contact with the free Improvisation Scene in NYC. Paint started with the seemingly simple Idea of "Freedom". The more I dealt with this Idea the more complex it became. The Spectrum of Paint is continually expanding to the Point where it comprises everything, the very Essence of Life. The Act of Expression and the Emotions comprised in this Act Form an impulse powerful enough to "get the Point". Paint is also an Expression of an entire Attitude to Life itself, to issues like "Respect", "Accepting the moment", "Devotion", "Dissolution", etc.

Paint Live Concept:
We usually eat together before we get on Stage and during this Dinner we find Issues and Terms that we deal with later on during the Concert. Everybody contributes something (e.g. "say hello to things", or "spatial development","metal allergy" or "about the difficulties to get the point"). It could be any spontaneous Association, then we discuss the Issues and share our Ideas and when everybody is ready we go off and perform. The Audience is also involved in this creative Process by their emotional Reaction and their own Contributions, which we encourage. Sometimes they come up with a Painting and ask us whether we can "play" this - no Problem! Somebody else may give us a sheet of Paper with a series of Expression on it, others shout Words at us. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we do! (mph)
posted by monkeyfish