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2005-12-18 21:30:00

Share @Mundial, E. Village, NYC || &

David Kristian has been at the forefront of electronic music and electronic music technology for over 20 years, composing everything from Experimental music to IDM, Electro and Synthpop.

With over a dozen albums and countless 12"s and compilation appearances, David's discography continues to grow on a monthly basis. The list of visionary labels who have made David's music available worldwide include Alien8 Recordings, Creme Organization, Suction Records, Worm Interface, and Oral.

While David Kristian is now focused on his career as a composer and sound designer for feature films, TV, and Multimedia, his love of musical exploration and performance have kept him involved in various live events and special projects.

A recent encounter with New York Chiptune artists Bit Shifter, Bubblyfish and Nullsleep at the Arcadia Festival in Montreal has rekindled David's love affair with the GameBoy and Nanoloop, which he now integrates in his minimal, yet powerful performance setup.

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