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[share] Zanana(Monique BuzzartĂ©+Kristin Norderval)+ K. Liberovskaya   ]
2006-09-24 21:00:00

Zanana is an electro-acoustic chamber music duo featuring Monique Buzzarté, trombone, and Kristin Norderval, voice, performing improvised music blending acoustic sounds, electronics, and live processing. Composing and performing collaboratively, Zanana uses improvisation as the foundation of their compositional process: some works are free improvisations, some are structured improvisations, and some are composed with aleatoric elements.
Zanana's debut CD Holding Patterns (Deep Listening 30) was released last year to critical acclaim.

Tonight, Zanana will be joined by Katherine Liberovskaya on visuals!

"This collaboration between cutting-edge trombonist Monique Buzzarté and classically trained vocalist Kristin Norderval is as elegant as it is boundary-pushing. Laptop wizardry transforms Buzzarte's horn into a fragmented death knell and twists Norderval's voice into a Diamanda
Galas-like tortured echo, but the acoustic in-between spaces play like shapely minimalist chamber work..."
- Phillip Buchan, Splendid Magazine 12/6/2005

Katherine Liberovskaya is a Canadian video & media artist, exploring live video mixing in improvisation with live new music/sound.
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