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2006-12-03 22:30:00

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Multimedia audiovisual project

Artist Bio
Project503 is the creation of videoartist, photographer and VJ Yuri Elik and musician Pavel Mikheev, and is intended to be a vehicle of collaboration with musicians and artists interested in the problem of audiovisual synthesis. Yuri Elik is known for his activity as a part of multimedia group 2012 (in particular, for performing multimedia installations at several SKIFs), as well as for multiple collaborations with such musicians as Totalitarian Musical Sect, APosition Orchestra, Noises of Russia, Theodor Bastard, Brompton Cocktail, DaDaZu, Damo Suzuki, Zelany Rashoho, S.K.A., Amoeba Technology, Mandelbrot and many others. He also made video performance for Simon Magus ballet by Dmitry Kakhovsky that was first presented at SKIF7. Pavel Miheev is best known for his work in group DaDaZu, he also played in Mandelbrot, Dwa, Rtut', Miro Trio. FEED BACK performance was developed in spring 2006 for SKIF10 festival and since that was performed several times in St.Petersburg, Helsinki and, recently, Habitats festival in New York.
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 Project503 at SKIF10 festival