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2004-06-27 17:00:00

Share @ []pen air bar

Darryl Rideout (aka diastereo)

Diastereo writes and produces laptop music using Koan Pro, a generative music program from the British software company SSEYO that was first championed by Brian Eno. In generative (aka algorithmic) music elements such as melody, timbre, harmony, rhythm, tempo, volume and overall style are machine-improvised “on the fly” from streams of random numbers, so that no two performances are alike. Using a mix of recordings and “live” generative sound, Diastereo creates rich, cinematic, orchestral soundscapes that combine trip-hop, classical, illbient, jungle and idm.

2/5 BZ

2/5 BZ aka Serhat Köksal : »no turistik, no egzotik« As live-performance artist, Köksal mixes raw electronica with an Istanbul street noise backdrop and ghetto-blaster distorted oriental pop: Turkish foreign and self depictions in the breakbeat shredder! And the screen flickers, too: analogous to the sound, in addition to his work on samples and electronics, Köksal also deconstructs Turkish films from the 1970s: cut-up art for eyes and ears.

Sneak preview CD release party for o.blaat's 'Two Novels: Gaze/In the Cochlea' on crónica label.

Taking this occasion (more like excuse;), i called for a plain fun night & party sneaking into my beloved SHARE! (Thanks millions as always to everyone there!) Featuring... DJ Olive on a short break between long tours in Japan (finished) and Europe etc.(upcoming)- You won't see this precious friend for long two months after july 4th! Plus most likely... ever-wonderful Bubblyfish and Glomag! (duet? or solos?? or both mixed?) o.blaat will be sneaking her tiny set somewhere during the night. While all the usual openjam will continue before, after, and between any of the featured sets (besides above mentioned + pre-booked darryl's + 2/5 BZ).
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