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[share] 3/19-24: Share.Camp week (workshops+event) @Ultrahang Fest, Buda   ]
2007-03-19 14:00:00

Share.Camp week takes place within Ultrahang Festival 2007 in Budapest, Hungary!

The week-long project took us to realize for approx. 3 years. It will be the most in-depth and extended occasion to get together and experience various aspects of Share.

Workshops: 19-23 March, 2007
Event: 24 March, 2007 @Merlin

Mon-Fri, 19-23 March: workshops & discussion

Sat, 24 March: SHARE openjam @Ultrahang Fest 07

SHARE within Ultrahang Festival in Budapest, Hungary, with Share co-founder Geoff Matters, plus hosts Anton Marini, Dan Winckler, Koosil-ja, Adam Kendall, Eric Redlinger, Keiko Uenishi, and Michael Liegl, with great help for workshops by Alo Allik, Klaus Filip, and Tim Blechmann.

This is to be our biggest yet SHARE project. We will offer series of hands-on workshops, lectures, discussions, etc. (Mon-Fri, 19-23 March) preceeding to a big openjam on Sat. 24 March at Merlin

Share hold free, open jams and workshops in cities including New York, Montreal, San Diego, Los Angeles, Weisbaden, Melbourne, St. Petersburg, and Zurich. You are invited to participate in the workshops and/or the openjam. Bring your portable equipment, plug in, improvise on each others' signal and perform live audio and video.

Share provide a forum for fluid, improvised creative processes. This is Share's fifth mobile event, and its first visit to Hungary.

So this is a call out... bring your laptops, guitars, bent circuits, trumpets, theremins, 16mm's, mini Puppet theaters, projectors, kalimbas and dancing shoes to Share at Ultrahung 2007.

Come to watch and listen; come to play.

Please contact Share at to let us know how we can help you to participate.

Mon, 19 March:
* Nuts'n'Bolts (building snakes and cables)-soldering workshop

Tues, 20 March:
* Intro to graphical programming environments
* Intro to MSP
* Intro to Jitter
* Pd/Python scripting

Wed, 21 March:
* VJ softwares
* Max/MSP best practices

Thurs, 22 March:
* lloopp
* Network and remote collaborations
* How to jam (strategy, techniques, and philosophy)

Fri, 23 March:
* Supercollider
* Jitter/GEM OpenGL - 3d
* SHARE roundtable discussion

Sat, 24 March in Budapest at Ultrahung 07, at Merlin

SHARE.Camp in Budapest, Hungary as a part of Ultrahang Fest 2007, was made possible with Trust for Mutual Understanding (
For more details coming soon at and
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