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[share] SHARE roundtable at MiT5 conference @MIT, Boston   ]
2007-04-28 09:00:00

NOTE: TIME CHANGED! Now, it'll start at 10:45 a.m.!

Some of SHARE global hosting members will get together to discuss various issues and exchange ideas at this roundtable as a part of MiT5 (Media in Transition 5) conference to be held at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Boston, MA on Saturday, April 28th.

SHARE Roundtable at MiT5 (Media in Transition 5) conference @MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Boston, MA - Room #E25-111

on Saturday, April 28th.
1st half: 10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.

(after a lunch break)
2nd half: 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Admission: FREE!!

Please forward the info to whoever may be interested to attend. (It's free but registration may be needed to secure your attendance.)

If you're in NYC, you can hop on the cheap Chinatown bus (as cheap as around $10 per one way!) or maybe... we'll be able to stream at

SHARE: Multimedia collaborative forum in emergence

Now nearly six years old, SHARE ( has spread to 8 cities worldwide, with 3 more expected to launch in 2007.

SHARE is an open community, forum, and jam session for audio/visual artists and those who are curious. It accepts all formats/methods of approach and expression. SHARE provides a basic infrastructure and helps people to use it to perform together. As a result, it becomes a big uncontrolled multimedia openjam. SHARE accepts all and never curates. SHARE is a loose-form container without any content. SHARE has no leader but many helpers, and it has never been owned by any particular individuals -- It is 'shared' by everyone. SHARE is a space for people to meet, chat, and play together. SHARE doesn't ask people to reveal their identities to give them an option to remain anonymous. SHARE encourages open-source development of soft/hardware and thoughts. The idea of following the "Billboard Top 100" is long over -- The future is for people to choose their tools to make their own songs, images, and ideas.

Roundtable participants (in alphabetical order by their first names):

Adam Kendall (from Share.NYC)
Anton Marini (from Share.NYC)
Geoff Matters (from Share.NYC)
Dan Winckler (from Share.NYC)
Elsa Vieira (from Share.NYC)
France Jobin aka i8u (from Share.MTL)
Jim Bell (from Share.MTL)
Katherine Liberovskaya (from Share.MTL/NYC)
Keiko Uenishi (from Share.NYC)
Marie-Helene Parant (from Share.MTL)

John Hopkins (from Share.Nomad)
Michael Liegl (from Munich? Mainz?, researching on Share for the past 3 yrs.)
Martin Koplin (from future Share.Bremen)
Morgan Sully (from Share.SanDiego)

moderator (on-site):
Carl Skelton, director of IDMI (Integrated Digital Media Institute), Polytechnic Univ.

More info and MiT5 schedule available at:
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