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2008-01-13 22:00:00

Diana Becerra is an artist and musician from Madrid, currently living in NYC. She has been working in the
music world for the past eight years, playing and also mixing music from a variety of
genres: pop, rock, techno, cuban, and folk. She has performed with a number of bands in Spain including
working within the studio environment. Diana likes to experiment with all kinds of music, rhythms, and instruments and is open to changing
concepts and ideas.

Magenta Interior uses all possible colours of the chromatic palette, all genders between feminine and masculine and emotions of her heart in the stories she tells. These stories are most of the time texts, but lately they are also visuals. Magenta is inspired by popular and secular ways of passing knowledge, through story telling. She writes stories that are neither prose nor poetry, but spoken words written with rimes. The visual performances are improvised and the result is surprising for the audience as much as it is for the performer.

MonkeyFish (Elsa Vieira) divides her time and work between New York and Lisbon. Currently, she is exploring multiple modes of visual communication, primarily through 16mm film, digital video and live visual processing using coded language and movement, and how they affect, and are affected by, the nervous system. In addition to her own work, Elsa is deeply involved in bringing new media and digital art to the global community as part of her vision for RogueWaves, a company she founded in 2002, and incorporated as a non-profit in 2007, the goal of which is the furthering and evolution of counter-current, revolutionary ideas around the world through artistic experimentation and/or collaboration.

o.blaat (Keiko Uenishi) has been happily an addict with 'Share' ( for a long time. She is very excited to have a
chance to sit in with her favorite fellow Share'rs, Elsa Vieira, Diana Becerra, and a new friend, Ana Carvalho. Expect tons of mysteries and
precious moments!! More about o.blaat >> (< needs updates) & (with firefox only)
posted by monkeyfish