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2008-10-19 18:30:00

TONESPACE (Busk/Viuff/Toyberg-Frandzen/Hedinsson/Ryberg) is a result of Charles Morrow's master class held in Esbjerg, Denmark in the summer 2008. The student of the class will travel to NYC to present their audio works.

PLS. NOTE! This presentation will start early at 18:30!!! Please come early to catch it!! and of course, we will have the openjam before & after the presentation!!

One-hour concert session with students from TONESPACE.

TONESPACE is an education specialising in electronic music and sound art, located at the Academy of Music and Music Communication in Western Denmark. The concert is one of three performing events on the student’s tour in New York in collaboration with sound artist and teacher Charlie Morrow. The students each have their unique backgrounds and artistic visions.
The concert will be split up in five sessions, where each performer will play
10 to 15 minutes of their material.
The artists’ work and music can be found on the TONESPACE blogsite below, where there is a direct link to each of the artists’ websites;

Performing artists:

Andreas Busk
B.1979 in Haderslev, Denmark

Andreas Busk will do a short live show consisting of field recordings from NY presented in his rhythmical signature style. Using live performance software, he unfolds and explores the tonalities of otherwise underestimated sounds, making rhytmical collages and otherworldly soundscapes. Check out some sounds at

Harald Viuff
(Harld me. Viuff,)
B. 1963, Denmark

AquEqu (2008)
Deep sea sounds recorded with unique 3D hydrophone setups, composed with complex filters and computer layouts, to be blasted out on multi speaker systems.
Fairytale sounds from when we were still laying in the vombs of our mothers, is told by real trans-world sounds and overwhelming filtered details.

Jens Toyberg-Frandzen
B.1977 in Kalmar, Sweden.

My music and projects grows out of an urge to find logic and beauty in randomized material, and uncontrollable environments.

“Before my music teacher had a chance to mess me up, I was lucky to get hold of a really fantastic guitar amp, that picked up LF radio signals. I started experimenting, playing feeds to the spoken-words of foreign news anchors, and Eastern European radio theatre, -it was great!.”

Toyberg-Frandzen is completing his masters studies in electronic music and mediation (the Tonespace program) at the West Jutland Music Conservatory of Esbjerg, Denmark.

Kristjan Thor Hedinsson
B. 1982 in Egilsstadir, Iceland

Is mainly inspired by the true quality of nature combined with the various images of culture. Coloured by his island origins and his music background he often blends the two together with his Rock’n’Roll fantasies, creating acoustic sounds of sadness that bellows in his mind.
This time it will be a nude experimental show, using computer and microphone.
Check out the music on;

SØS Gunver Ryberg
B. 1979 in Copenhagen, Denmark

SØS presents the video ’Hello - The Pope is Dead’ which is created from a collection of field recordings from the night the Pope died mixed with the reactions of the world on the Pope’s death as seen through the media.

A piece consisting of sonic textures and voices in the unknown.

During the last years SØS has worked with performance, sound - and video installations for galleries, exhibition halls, festivals and public urban spaces in DK and at The Istanbul Biennale (2007).

Her pieces are based on field recordings mainly combined with musical textures, voice work or singing.
Through her art, SØS creates an environment for reflection using her unique narrative approach and her ability to unite it with nature.

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 visuals by SOS Gunver Ryberg
 TONESPACE (Busk/Viuff/Toyberg-Fr
 TONESPACE (Busk/Viuff/Toyberg-Fr
 TONESPACE (Busk/Viuff/Toyberg-Fr
 TONESPACE (Busk/Viuff/Toyberg-Fr