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2009-02-22 21:00:00

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peter kutin

* 1983 somewhere in the austrian countryside trained on classical guitar he moved to vienna in 2001 to forget about the classic and to study electroacoustic-music

released 2 solo-albums so far :
panora / u-cover / 2006
menora / karate joe / 2007

founded the project dirac in 2005 with daniel lercher;

three releases with dirac so far :
„“ / u-cover / 2007
emphasis / spekk / to be released in feb. 2009
tba / valeot-records / to be released in autumn 2009

kutin founded and still runs the non-profit organization velak, which reassembles a platform for audio and also video/dance artists the organization´s monthly "listenings" called velak-gala & velak_rec hosted more than 100 performances of international musicians and artist from different experimental-scenes.
he realized field-recording projects in the himalajan regions of northern india (2007) and in iceland (2008).
results where broadcasted on int. radiostations, presented at var. festivals, or exhibited as sound-installations in galleries.

kutin is active in vienna's improv. scene; he is playing concerts solo / dirac / in various combinations, using the laptop in combination with anlogue instruments - all his processing is done live and in realtime.
the music is oriented on layers, drones and vibrations
works appeared on various compilations and were played as tape-music on different int. sound-festivals.
for more information and audio-recordings, see
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