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[share] Le Code (Yoann Trellu w/ Sibin Vassilev)   ]
2009-09-20 21:30:00

Share @Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY || &

Le Code
Yoann Trellu with Sibin Vassilev

Le Code is a live-generated digital painting.
Le Code should be perceived as an abstract movie, not as a concert with visuals.

The painting emerges from artistic and aesthetic choices:
- Only horizontal and vertical should be used in terms of graphic elements.
- Only plain colors should be used.
This is revealed by colored lines and rectangles.
- At times, an external element comes to disrupt the order, appearing as a dramatic event.

Le Code is a visual and poetic language.
The subject is an attempt to give a depiction of Life on a graphic level.
Or the creation of digital sonic paintings that might induce it.
The graphic evolution can be almost undetectable, or very fast and sequenced.
This alludes to memory, the perception of time, and the notion of evolution.

The basis to Le Code is a program developed by Yoann Trellu on Max/MSP/Jitter. This software uses audio signals to generate visuals and interact with them. The interaction sound/image, although it is "physical" and mandatory, isn’t the substance of this project: the software uses the audio signal to function but its aim isn’t its visualization.

The music is normally played by Mangrove Kipling but for this session in ShareDJ, the music will played by Sibin Vassilev

Yoann Trellu is a french multi-disciplinary video artist established in Berlin since 2003.
Since 10 years he worked with numerous musicians and performers in France, Germany and USA.
Main dance collaborations: Motion-Lab, Wire Monkey Dance (USA), Howard Katz, Post Theater, Ten Pen Chi (Berlin)
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Sibin Vassilev grew up in Berlin and Sofia. He was a member of Rag Dolls, a famous Bulgarian rock-band. In the nineties he turned his attention and focus to computer music. He composed and produced soundscapes, among others for the EXPO 2000 in Hannover. He created various sound installations. From 2003 onwards he composed soundtracks for movies and theater productions.
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The above featured set will be held at
Share @Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), 3rd Flr, Brooklyn, NYC
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 Le Code - screenshots