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[share] LEMUR - demo/workshop/live by Guillaume Largillier/Franck Stofer   ]
2005-01-30 05:30:00

share @openair, nyc ||

Guillaume Largillier (co-inventor of LEMUR, from Bordeaux, France) & Franck Stofer (representative of JazzMutant, from Tokyo, Japan) will come to New York to present and play with the new audio controller LEMUR developped by JazzMutant company.
The LEMUR is a handy and modular touchpanel based controller designed for audio applications.
for more info, go to
posted by blaa


 Franck Stofer holding LEMUR

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This demo/workshop/live is to be at [b]Subtonic(basement of Tonic), 107 norfolk st. between delancey & rivington sts. in Lower East Side of Manhattan.

SHARE is no longer at Openair bar as of Jan. 30th.
(Jan. 23rd. is the last one there.)
posted by blaa