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2005-02-20 21:00:00

share @openair ||

Yuko Nexus6 is a Japanese performance artist. Especially active in the electro-acoustic/computer music scene. She did not go to any music or art school. When she was 30 years old --at that time, she was an office worker-- she met Apple Macintosh classic II computer and fell in love with it.
Then, she started her musical career with Max/MSP and other sound softwares. In 1998, she released her first solo CD <Bit Diary> (now out of print). This album was made by 8bit lo-fi sounds from her PowerBook 165. This sound diary album was beloved by many people such as: artschool students, professional classical music composers, jazz improvisers, etc.
In 2002, she released her 3rd solo CD <Journal de Tokyo> from Sonore (Tokyo based French label). This album got Honorary Mention at Ars Electronica digital music part 2003. Her style is very unique. Using simple handmade Max/MSP programs, some toys and her voice, she performs between music and sound art, music and performance art, artistic work and childish play.
Since 2001, she is a member of the WPAO, an Osaka based women artist group.

On Feb. 20th @share, Yuko is planning to perform some mysterious songs from her latest album, 'NEXUS6 SONGBOOK' (SONORE RECORDS), and improvisation with laptop and cassette tapes.

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 Yuko Nexus6

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In fact, on the 20th, we'll be located at ORT. _not_ at openair.
come down to Bushwick! (only 4 stops from Essex/Delancey stop in Lower East Side in Manhattan on J line!)
It'll be a holiday weekend. so you can stay late too!!
see you!!!
posted by blaa