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2010-09-26 22:30:00

Alexei Borisov/Olga Nosova (Rus) and Frantz Loriot (France)

Moscow-based improvisers Alexei Borisov and Olga Nosova bring their highly idiosyncratic music to the US, touching on elements of noise, sound art, and spoken word, using electronics, guitar, and percussion.
For tonight's special occasion, the duo will be joined by Frantz Loriot w/ violin and electronics, to form a rare trio.

Borisov/Nosova duo was formed in Moscow (RF), april 2009.

Music components: free improvized, live electronics, noise, electroacoustic, spoken word, tape music etc.

The duo collaborates with different musicians, sound artists, video-artists and poets from different countries: Anton Nikkila (Finland), Dave Phillips (Switzerland), Matthieu Werchowsky (France), Dora Bleu (Canada), Thomas Buckner (USA), Tom Smith (USA), Edyta Fil (Poland), Kim_Nasung (Poland), Ilya Belorukov (Russia), Fear Konstruktor (Russia), Sergei Letov (Russia), Volga (Russia), Rafal Mazur (Poland), Alexei Rafiev (Russia), Nikita Tsymbal (Russia) and more....

Produces music for silent movies ("The 11th" by Dziga Vertov), art exhibitions and multi-media events.

International events and festivals: The 10th Anniversary of GEZ21 (St.Petersburg, Russia, 2009), Spektro fest (Istanbul, Turkey 2009), joint tour with Dora Bleu in Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, Borisov/Nosova/Belorukov/Nasung Tour in Poland 2009, Salvador Dali art exhibition at Inartis Gallery (Moscow, Russia 2009), live at Staalplaat record store in Berlin, concerts in Ljubljana, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris, Hannover and more...

Releases: "Istanbul Kebap" (Live at Spektro 2009) (net-album by "No No Music" (net-album by - 2010)

CD-R releases by Bornos produkt: "Selected works, vol. 1" (2009) "Selected works, vol 2" (2010) "Live recordings" (2009-2010) "Grundig" (2010)

CD: "Elektrokooperativ" (Industrial Culture, UK 2010)

Frantz Loriot

French-Japanese violist/violinist F.L. was brought to improvisation by Régis Huby, Joëlle Léandre, Barre Phillips, David S. Ware and Marc Ducret. He currently performs solo as well as in various ensembles ranging from rock to contemporary music by way of improvisation and electronics, both in NY and abroad. He contributed to multidisciplinary projects connected to poetry, cinema/video and dance with different companies in Paris. Frantz played in numerous bands and alongside many musicians. He released several CDs on different indie labels. Frantz shares his time between Brooklyn, New York and Europe.

The above featured set will be held at
Share @Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), 3rd Flr, Brooklyn, NYC
(Location subject to change, please check back this link &/or facebook page when the date comes closer!)
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