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2011-02-20 21:00:00

Share @Munch Room (same bldg as IPR but on ground flr), Brooklyn, NY ||

Simone Weißenfels

is one of Leipzig, Germany's most versatile artists in contemporary, classical music and jazz. She performs successfully both the works of contemporary and classic composers as well as her own compositions.
Since her career start in the mid 80s, she is well known for her genre-spreading omnipresence with actors, cabaret artists as well as a vast number of jazz a.o. musicians like:

Gisela May, Uschi Brüning, Klaus Kugel, Elliott Levin, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, Lol Coxhill, John Sinclair, Ian Smith, Adam Smith, Ken Yamazaki, Manfred Hering ...
She has played jazz

.festivals in:

Berlin, Bochum, Detroit, Leipzig, Münster, Nanjing and many other cities as a soloist, in duos, ensembles and big band music.
Similarly, she has claimed great success with

.concerts and tours to:

USA, Taiwan, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China, Ukraine and throughout Germany, in Gewandhaus and Mendelssohn Hall in Leipzig among other places

.Broadcasting company productions with the DLF and West German Radio, broadcasting company interviews and recordings in Germany, Taiwan, China and Bosnia-Herzegovina

She has performed the works of Ullmann, Schönberg, Weill, Eisler, Webern, Schostakowitsch and many others.

After her ensemble multiboxx performed the World Historical and Cultural Festival in Nanjing 2004 in 2006 though 2008, she organized and conducted one of the first practical youth exchange projects of young Chinese and German musicians in Nanjing and Shanghai as a youth symphony orchestra.

This international orchestra performed the premiere of her composition "lullaby for K." in Nanjing for 10.000 people and also in Leipzig within the scope of the 'Bach-Fest' in 2008.

Recently she performed again in New York in July 2009 with Levin, Yamazaki a.m.o. and toured with Elliott Levin, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells and Klaus Kugel through Germany and Austria.

Simone Weißenfels is teaching piano at the world famous Thomanerchor in Leipzig.

The above featured set will be held at
Share @Munch Room, Brooklyn, NY
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), Ground Flr, Brooklyn, NYC
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 Simone Weißenfels, London, July