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[share] Bubblyfish + Binguskahn performs 'Moori'   ]
2011-05-08 20:30:00

Tonight at Share, Bubblyfish + Binguskahn performs a new performance 'Moori'.

NOTE: This is an early performance! (due to double featured guests tonight.) PLEASE show up early enough to catch her set. (and stay late for Kyungmi Lee's Kale Elk set and openjam!)

NOTE2: PLZ be encouraged to participate in 'Moori' that is an interactive audience participatory performance for users of iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. [/b]Read the instruction in jpg[/b] (click the small thumbnail below the txt on this page or link below) to prepare your device ready for participation!


Moori is an interactive audience participatory audio-visual performance. By incorporating Apple's smart device such as a iPhone, iPod, and iPad’s dynamic interface and Mrmr OSC controller, and SMS, users share their thoughts to a proposed question by a performer. The result is a collaboration among performer and audience members, a real-time audio-visual composition and a dramatic narrative.

about Mrmr (w/ download link):

Moori instruction:

about Mrmr (w/ download link):

Moori instruction:

Moori setup guide

Go to the Apple app store and search for Mrmr OSC controller and download the app.
2. Choose Moori for wi-fi network
3. Return to Mrmr application and select Preference on the right bottom corner.
4. Go to OSC server, and press Browse.
5. Select Add Server manually.
6.Enter the IP address, and press Connect.
7. Restart the phone and relaunch Mrmr application.
8. Moori interface is loaded on the phone.

* Moori network connection will be available only during the performance.

The above featured set will be held at
Share @Issue Project Room, Brooklyn, NY
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), 3rd Flr, Brooklyn, NYC
(Location subject to change, please check back this link &/or facebook page when the date comes closer!)
posted by blaa


 Moori set-up guide v.2