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[share] Miguel A. García (aka XEDH) w/ David Kirby   ]
2011-09-25 21:30:00

Miguel A. García (also known as XEDH) w/ David Kirby

Miguel A. Garía (also known as XEDH)

Basque artist Miguel A. García (also known as XEDH ) focuses on sound and its formal organisation, just between improvisation and electro-acoustic composition. His concerts put on show a combination of electronic sounds, field recordings and “real” instruments, aiming to get an intimate, immersive and intense experience, that is always considerate with the audience.
Miguel A. García studied Fine Arts and Audiovisual Technology. He is also involved in projects like Mubles, Baba Llaga or Válvula Antirretorno. Besides his considerable production of CDs (in labels like Zeromoon, Homophoni or White Line) and numerous live performances in Spain (Museo Vostell, Arteleku, MACUF, Museum Chillida-Leku, Guggenheim Bilbao, Tabacalera, etc.) he has performed in the United States, Norway, Poland, Portugal and France. Since 2006 he has managed and directed the Zarata-Fest Festival in Bilbao, and owns two netlabels (Larraskito and Doministiku).

discography (selected):
[2011] Miguel A. García "Lamb" (Occasion, Russia, online) ; Coeval / Miguel A. García / Miguel Prado "Tirasse" (Ephre Imprint, UK, CDr) ; [2010] Carlos Villena / Miguel A. García & Hector Rey "Split" (Mantricum, Barcelona, CDr) ; Xedh&Berio "Feeixa" (Alg-a, Vigo, online) [2009] VVAA "Variations in white vol. 1" (White Line, UK, CD) ; Miguel A. García “Live at El Tanque” (RONF, Canary Islands, CDr) ; Xedh “Vinduskarm” (Triple Bath, Greece, CDr) ; [2008] Miguel A. García “Armiarmak” (RMO, Biscay-Basque Country, CD) ; Miguel A. García “Subsuelos“ (Trans>parent radiation, USA, online) ; Xedh “Exadh” (Zeromoon, USA, online) ; [2007] Xedh “Armiarma” (Homophoni, USA, online)

live acts (selected):
[2011] Espacio Gato Vadio. w/ Alexander Bruck & Artur Vidal (Porto, Portugal) ; Ciclo SON, Auditorio nacional de música (Madrid, Spain) ; Centro de Cultura Contemporanea l’Octubre (Valencia, Spain) ; Centro de Cultura Antiguo Instituto de Gijón (Gijón, Spain) ; [2010] Archivo del Territorio Histórico de Álava (Vitoria, Basque Country) ; Museo Vostell Malpartida (Caceres, Spain) ; Galeria Ler Devagar (Lisboa, Portugal) ; Cavalo Branco Studio (Porto, Portugal) ; Espazo Baleiro (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) ; Lieu Commun w/Loty Negarti (Toulouse, France) ; Sala Jimmy Jazz w/Shinichi Isohata & Michel Henritzi (Gasteiz, Basque Country) ; Sala Amarica w/ Roberto Mallo & Mikel Etxegarai (Gasteiz, Basque Country) ; [2009] Forbitten Tronics Day (Madrid, Spain ) ; Experimentaclub (Madrid, Spain) ; Museum Artium (Gasteiz, Basque Country) ; Tou Scene art center (Stavanger, Norway) ; Stoy Pa Landet festival (Selbu, Norway) ; [2008] Ertz Festival (Bera de Bidasoa, Basque Country) ; Museum MACUF (A Coruña, Spain) ; Galería DF (Santiago de Compostela, Spain) ; Museum Chillida-Leku with Tüsüri (Hernani, Basque Country) ; Sztuki Wspólczesnej Laznia cultural center (Gdansk, Poland); [2007] Guggenheim Museum Auditorium (Bilbao, Basque Country); Sonic Circuits Festival (Washington DC, USA); 4 exhibitions in "El Tanque" gallery (Tenerife, Canary Islands); [2006] MEM Festival 2006 (Bilbao, Basque Country) ; Gallery EART,LEM Festival (Barcelona, Spain); Arteleku art center (Donostia, Basque Country); [2005] Montehermoso art center w/ Válvula Antirretorno (Gasteiz, Basque Country)

other works :
[Since 2008] co-direction of the sound art and experimental music diffusion platform “Larraskito”, including a net-label and a club with the same name ; [since 2006] managerment and direction of "Zarata Fest" festival, located in L´mono (Bilbao, Basque Country) ; [2008] Soundtrack for the film "Time & Fear" directed by Charo Garaigorta; [2007] Sound installation for collective exibition "XX exposición de audiovisuales" in BBK Gallery (Bilbao, Basque Country); Soundtrack for the film "Closing Time" directed by Iñigo Cabo and Robert Todd; [2006] Sound installation for collective exibition "Somos buena gente" in Langreo (Asturias, Spain) ; Soundtrack for contemporary dance piece "Paralelo 9r" [2005] direction of the videoart exhibitions "Colectivo Pop" given at the UPV institute (Leioa, Basque Country)

among many others, some artists i have worked with: Antez, Asier Abio, Miguel A. Ruiz, Bjerga/Iversen, Lali Barriere, Alexander Bruck, Iñigo Cabo, Coeval, Estanis Comella, Rafael Flores, Charo Garaigorta, Tomas Gris, Kjetil Hansen, Michel Henritzi, Zan Hoffman, Oier I.A., Jon Imbernon, Joseba Irazoki, Shin´ichi Isohata, Gora Japon, Krapoola, Joaquin Lana, Roberto Mallo, Jon Mantxi, Seijiro Murayama, Loty Negarti, Noish, Sara Paniagua, Miguel Prado, Hector Rey, Daniel del Rio, Staplerfahrer, Carlos Suarez, Rinus Van Alebeek, Carlos Valverde, Duran Vazquez, Hamburguesa Vegetal, Artur Vidal, Stanislav Vdovin...


sound extracts (from "Armiarmak" CD)

some videos:
with others:

David Kirby

David Kirby is an Atlanta-based composer and improvisor, performing using magnetic recording devices such as 4-track cassette recorders, hand-held tape recorders, and vintage reel-to-reels. He also curates Homophoni, a netlabel with a focus on electroacoustic composition and improvisation. Kirby's recorded output spans the past 10 years, and includes monolithic improvisations such as his 6-hour 'Opus' (2010), carefully constructed sound collages such as 'Maximalism' (2005) and 'Four Pieces' (2007), and is featured on releases from Students of Decay, dollfullofrivets, Hymns, onetirednumber, and Pseudo Arcana, with forthcoming releases on Ilse and Copy For Your Records."

The above featured set will be held at
Share @Munch Room (same bldg as Issue Project Room but on the ground flr), Brooklyn, NY
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), Ground Flr, Brooklyn, NYC
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