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[share] Share @IPR: Brooklyn Sound/Visual-scape night w/Ear-to-Earth!!   ]
2011-10-16 20:00:00

Share on Sun Oct 16th is a special night
in collaboration with Ear to Earth 2011 festival

All participants are encouraged to bring sound/visual files made in Brooklyn to be used in the openjam on Oct 16th!

Also note:

to audio artists >> Please be encouraged to bring your own cables, adaptors & any necessary other things (batteries, power adaptors, and even an extra power strips) - as our 'rent-out' equipment has been slimming down w/ people (mistakenly) walked away in the past. ;(

to visual artists >> Please be encouraged to bring adaptor(s) to connect w/ VGA cable for video projectors. We have two projectors. But if you can also bring one to add (even for your own use), it'd be super! If you're working w/film &/or slides media, please come w/ your projectors. We always love them!! (IPR seems to have a film projector... but not sure which type & if it's been tested lately...)

to all those who would kindly bring in cables/adaptors/powerstrips >> Please mark them w/ your name to avoid confusions!!

Thank YOU!!!


Do you listen to your environment? What sounds remind you of home? Have you ever thought of using those sounds as music?

Ear to the Earth held a couple of New York Soundscape field recording workshops in the past month.

The recordings gathered during the workshop are available to be used for a special evening of
Download link >>

SHARE will draw from the pool of recordings gathered by workshop participants, via online submissions (closed already) and on-site participants' own recordings, combined with visual fieldrecordings, create an immersive improvisation of Brooklyn sounds and sights. The Share performance will take place on October 16, 2011 at Issue Project Room as part of the Ear to the Earth Festival.

Recordings from the workshops will further be used as part of a final work featuring sounds from all boroughs, called 100 x John. 100 x John is dedicated to John Cage in honor of his 100th birthday, and modeled on the compositional techniques of John Cage, using indeterminacy and New York sounds to create a true New York Soundscape.

Ear to the Earth is a festival and organization that highlights issues of the environment through sound and media. For its sixth annual installment, Ear to the Earth will present New York Soundscape, an event portraying the sonic life force of New York City, October 15 – 23, 2011.
Visit or for more information.

For those who hasn't participated in the workshop or submitted any files to EMF, you are free to bring your (audio &/or visual) recordings directly to the openjam on the 16th!

Bring all of your aural/visual noise-making toys (gear/instruments/equipment) to hop into the jam, &/or simply bring yourself to hang out!

Stop by anytime between 20:00-midnight!
Free admission, of course!

Share @Issue Project Room
The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11215
8 pm - midnight

FREE admission!

Facebook event link:



Always check for subway service change: (& choose New York City Transit)

Use MTA's Tripplanner online site. It reflects all the service changes on subways & busses and suggests you the best roules

MTA service change on 10/16/11:

F: Coney Island-bound trains run via the A from W 4 St to Jay St-MetroTech
Weekend, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon, Oct 15 - 17

D: Trains run local in both directions between 34 St-Herald Sq and W 4 St
Weekend, 12:01 AM Sat to 5 AM Mon, Oct 15 - 17

So, F-riders in E. Village/LES area are recommended to take D to head down to Pacific/Atlantic Ave station to switch to R train. One stop away is Union St station near IPR.

R: No particular changes on R. But to make sure your choice of train(s), go & check the above link before leaving.
R-Union St. or F-Carroll St. (or 4th Ave/9th St station) are the closest stops to IPR.


SHARE is always 100% FREE!! (no admission!)

We'll be open on Sundays!! (Check for possible time/schedule change frequently!)

Show up early!! and stay late!!!

Bring your equipment/instruments/gear etc. to join the jam, &/or pop in simply for hanging out, chatting, exchanging ideas/headaches/inspirations/etc over drinks in comfiest atmosphere!

We generally receive audio &/or visual participants - not necessarily digital. Analog &/or acoustic instruments (analog synths, acoustic string/horn/percussion/etc instruments), homemade gadgets, film/slides (if you'll bring a necessary projector), etc. are happily invited!
SHARE loves all kinds of experiments with things including (but not limited to) various sensors, collaborative programming, soldering on-site (if you'll bring soldering equipment), making low-key toy instruments (circuit bent or not), contact microphones, live projections /reflection/refraction, etc! Your suggestions/inputs are always more than welcome!

SHARE is a place to communicate, collaborate, and experiment.
Mistakes are more than welcome at SHARE!
Come & participate, come & chill, or come & hang out!
All the fun is awaiting!

SHARE is an open forum to explore expression using a variety of art forms. Participants are encouraged to show and exchange ideas freely by giving each other feedback, catalyzing and developing techniques and philosophies in collaborative performance. SHARE does not curate, nor takes any authority over contents/expressions.

SHARE fosters open and spontaneous collaborations between artists through free, weekly Open Jam sessions, workshops, special large-scale events in various cities, and a strong Internet presence. SHARE blurs the boundary between its participants and spectators, and engages all in a continually changing dialog on art and culture. As such, SHARE represents an ongoing exploration of collaborative performance as cultural exchange. SHARE mines the relationship of artistic practice to cultural identity, remapping a multiplicity of cultural discourses.


FAQ re: Share >>
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Join our Facebook Page! >>

directions to Issue Project Room/(OA) Can Factory
Subway F Line, Subway G Line
Walk East down Third St over Gowanus Canal to Third Av
Subway F Line, Subway M Line, Subway R Line
Walk North on Fourth Av. West on Third St to Third Av
Bus B37, Bus B71
to THIRD AVE-THIRD ST (Westbound) or THIRD AVE-UNION ST (Eastbound)
From Union St, walk South on Third Ave to Third St
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