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2012-04-29 21:30:00

During 3 years, Tim & Puma Mimi played Skype Concerts, Mimi live from Tokyo to the concert Tim was playing in a Club in Europe or NY. In 2008 at at Santos Party House.
Since 2011 they live together in Zurich, producing electronic pop music, electrify vegetables and sometimes even themselves.
They played at Sonar Barcelona, Montreux Jazzfestival and Womb Tokyo...
This April they play some shows in NYC together with Knor (drums/electronic).
In May their 2nd CD will be out on Mouthwatering Records.

On April 22nd, 2012 at Share, Tim & Puma Mimi will have a guest of... "Noisy Haircut by Arica"!



The above featured set will be held at @Munch Room or (Old)IPR space (find out when you get to (OA)CF bldg!) at The (OA) Can Factory
232 3rd Street, Ground Flr (for Munch Room)
or 3rd Flr (for (O)IPR space)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
posted by blaa


 Tim & Puma Mimi in Tokyo