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2013-01-20 21:30:00

Share @(OA) Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY ||

TUNA PASE - electronics, voice, flute

Tuna Pase is a music lover and creator of music based in Istanbul. Her musical journey began when she heard the "timbre of the flute" in the orchestra pit for the first time. Her areas of interest are electro-acoustic composition, improvisation, sound design, sound art, song writing and ethnomusicology. She plays electronics, flute, percussive objects and sings. Her music is inspired from sleeping, dreams, food, nature, poetry, photography, street art, bicycles, Istanbul, Jerusalem and Eastern hemisphere. She performs her electroacoustic compositions and songs in an improvised manner, where she "re-composes" them live using the elements that build those compositions. Her main point of performance and composition is based on improvisation which she sees her way of making music and collaborating with other musicians.
She has earned masters degrees in ethnomusicology and sound design. She also teaches ethnomusicology, improvisation and electronic music and loves inspiring children through workshops on sound and music. She performs in concerts and festivals, and participates in projects and workshops in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland), the United States, Israel and Turkey. Her own projects include electro-acoustic compositions, entitled ”Discotheque Sounds From The Cemetery”, songs entitled "Fortuna's Audioblog" , as well as other special projects with partners, like the live soundtrack project "Sputnik Sweetheart" with Sevket Akinci and "Maim Marim" with Yafit Reuveny.

Tuna Pase has collaborated in Turkey with; Jun Kawasaki, Sevket Akinci , Korhan Erel, Tugrul Soylu & Sinan Kestelli (Mondual) , Cihan Gulbudak (Meczup), Duygu Demir,Nora Krahl, Burcin Elmas, Katja Kettler, Pinar Erdogdu, Sarp Keskiner and Cotton AV (Bora Celiker, Volkan Ergen, Can Tatliparmak), Abroad ; Yafit Reuveny, Juanjose Rivaz, Drew Daniel, Dan Deacon, Ami Dang, Hans Koch, Karen Borca, Owen Gardner, Marc Miller, Liz Meredith, Michael Muniak, Shelly Blake-Plock, Tiffany Defoe, Daniel Davidovsky, Albert Berger, Ayelet Rose Gotileb, Roy Caroll, Ofir Bachmutsky, Utku Tavil, Erkin Goren, Amos Elkana, Adaya Godlevsky and Illi Adato. Also with visual artists as Laurenz Theinert, Alejandra Huerta, Eda Gecikmez, Sedat Turkantoz, Serdar Kokceoglu, Atil Altas, Cotton AV (Ozan Akinci, Kaya Hacaloglu)

She is also founder of Share Istanbul.

The above featured set will be held at
Share @(OA) Can Factory, Brooklyn, NY
232 3rd St. (at 3rd Ave), Brooklyn, NYC
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 Tuna Pase